Too Much Baggage

Why are you carrying so much baggage in your life? Who hurt you? This could be the perfect time to unpack the areas of your life that are badly broken. Who can’t you live without? Making a decision to put you in a space of power is life-changing. It’s time to rid every area of your life that is weighing you down.

The Truth About Baggage

In my new project”Baggage Claim” you will be challenged to look at the integral areas of your life that’s weighing you down. Don’t you think it’s time to unpack those bags and get clear about what’s caused you the most drama and trauma? In order for you to get clarity you must first understand the origin of your baggage. Are you ready to do some heaving lifting? Ready or not here we grow together on the couch.

New Live Shows of Camille’s Couch Coming Soon!

Hi Everybody, I’ve been on tip toe anticipation to tell you about my new project “Baggage Claim.” This journey will help you deal with the issues of your past and take responsibility for your own baggage. Do me a favor and tell us about the baggage that has caused you the most pain. You may be featured in our next project, or my guest on an upcoming broadcast. Let’s Go!